Sunken Treasure has its European Premiere at the Art Kino Croatia, in Rijeka where I did all the underwater production with the support of the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Rijeka. The screening program, SciFi Geographies had an all-star lineup of Hrvoslava Brkusic, Pia Borg, Cecelia Condit, and Jeanne Liotta.


The Unicorn, which I graded with directors Tim Geraghty and Isabelle Dupuis, has its US theatrical premiere at Anthology Film Archives Feb 15 - 21!

An extraordinary, years-in-the-making documentary about outsider musician Peter Grudzien, the one-man musical force behind “The Unicorn,” which has been described as possibly the first openly gay country album, and the “greatest New York LP since the first Velvet Underground or first New York Dolls” by music critic Paul Major. “THE UNICORN is at once an invaluable act of cultural excavation, an unforgettable character study, and a cracked family portrait in the vein of Terry Zwigoff’s CRUMB. But while it may superficially resemble other biographical documentaries, it’s unusually alert to the messy contradictions and intermingling of creative inspiration and mental psychosis that characterize its remarkable subject, his even more unhinged family members, and by extension American culture itself. Ultimately it’s a powerful depiction of a troubled soul for whom music represents a vitally important survival mechanism in the midst of a difficult existence.”,

The Unicorn_2.7.1.jpg

I recently graded this sly and well made piece at Dungeon Beach for broadcast on Hulu. The Department of Reproductive Control is not a real U.S. Government Agency, but all of the policies described in the spot are. It, along with the accompanying DRC site, are part of a new satirical campaign that aims to show what could actually happen if the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, under the Trump Administration, is able to make its proposed changes to Title X, “the only federal grant that is solely dedicated to the provision of family-planning funding, with a focus on serving low-income populations.”

Dept of Reproductive Control_Changes_1.2.1.jpg

Lila Yomtoob has taken her short "America 1979" which we graded together and developed it into a television pilot, which was invited to IFP Week's slate of Long-Form Scripted Content. Written and produced by Lila, each season this anthology series follows a different household or community through a different year, re-telling contemporary American history through the eyes of its people.

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 3.37.07 PM.png

Nothing Without Us: The Women Who Will End AIDS premieres at IFC in New York on November 11. DI sessions with Director Harriet Hirshorn done at Dungeon Beach, thanks to Tim Korn.

nothing without us.png

for the opener of the Late Show with Steven Colbert, Spike Jonze created a short film with Grover from Sesame Street. We graded it to the gray, chilly morning light that greets Steven Colbert as he wakes up, having slept in Central Park, and makes an unexpected friend.

VICELAND launched recently, and the first season of shows I graded for them went on air. Working with Niharika Desai, Nick Carew, and Krishna Andavalou has been a rewarding collaboration, and both Gaycation and Weediquette have been renewed for a second season!

Ellen and Ian in Tokyo

Ellen and Ian in Tokyo

Ellen and Ian talk to LGBT youth living in dangerous circumstances in Jamaica

Ellen and Ian talk to LGBT youth living in dangerous circumstances in Jamaica

gypsy growers in Mendocino County

gypsy growers in Mendocino County

Krishna meets women selling weed in the Congo, gets called a white boy and does their laundry

Krishna meets women selling weed in the Congo, gets called a white boy and does their laundry

Good Ol' Boy, directed by Frank Lotito and starring Jason Lee and Anjul Nigam, premieres at the Seattle International Film Festival and starts the festival circuit.

"Trouble" directed by Sean Skelton wins Best TV Drama at the 2015 Independent Television Festival! It was great working with Sean on this project.

I just wrapped up the grade for the smart new thriller from directing team Janice Erlbaum and Bill Scurry, "We Are All Going to Die", set in a sinister blackout during an Oscar party.

I caught a screening last weekend of the absolutely psychedelic 4K restoration of Technicolor extravaganza "Tales of Hoffman" at the beautiful Detroit Institute of Art Film Theater. Wow. So many palettes, tied into the Technicolor environment with absolutely over the top set design.

I've been invited by the Museum of Modern Art in Rijeka, Croatia to complete my new film in summer 2016!  Production will be in remote caves in Slovenia and sea caves in the Adriatic, stay tuned!

America 1979 recently screened at the LA Asian Pacific International Film Festival, and director Lila Yomtoob sat down for an interview here to discuss aspects of the film including the development of the color grade.

I had the rare opportunity to visit an incredible private gemstone collection on the upper west side. Gemstones, "frozen light", are the only instances of permanent color in the world, all other color fades. Sadly, the unearthly hues are unreproducible, especially with an iphone. Thanks to Bruce High Quality Foundation.

Along with Michael Dwass, I worked with DP Thomas Scott Stanton to grade this indie feature, "Good Ol Boy" at CVLT. It was great hearing from screenwriter Anjul Nigam during the session about some of the inspiration for this story of first love set in 1979 as a family from India arrives in America.