The Unicorn, which I graded with directors Tim Geraghty and Isabelle Dupuis, has its US theatrical premiere at Anthology Film Archives Feb 15 - 21!

An extraordinary, years-in-the-making documentary about outsider musician Peter Grudzien, the one-man musical force behind “The Unicorn,” which has been described as possibly the first openly gay country album, and the “greatest New York LP since the first Velvet Underground or first New York Dolls” by music critic Paul Major. “THE UNICORN is at once an invaluable act of cultural excavation, an unforgettable character study, and a cracked family portrait in the vein of Terry Zwigoff’s CRUMB. But while it may superficially resemble other biographical documentaries, it’s unusually alert to the messy contradictions and intermingling of creative inspiration and mental psychosis that characterize its remarkable subject, his even more unhinged family members, and by extension American culture itself. Ultimately it’s a powerful depiction of a troubled soul for whom music represents a vitally important survival mechanism in the midst of a difficult existence.”,

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